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About the trainers

Johan Frisk

In the left corner; with 3xBlack Belts, 33 years of Lean, Agile, & Coaching experience. Working with everything from small startups to large complex multinational organizations within areas of; gaming, telecom, food (*yammi*), health care, security (oh-oh), civil construction, banking (*kachiing*), aviation, transportation, education (1+1=3), $ales, diamonds (*even more $$*) and auditing.

Sasa Stamenkovic

In the right corner; a Black Belt globetrotter, carrying the brushes of power and bright light of Yoda (“there is no try, only do!”), with 13 years of Lean, Agile and Coaching experience. Working within all different kinds of business forms, shapes and sizes like; gaming (poow!), telecom, banking (*kachiing*), finance (even more *kachiing*) and other hyper growth companies (a.k.a unicorns) – much nice.